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What is Restaurant Marketing? 

Marketing a restaurant is the act of showcasing your restaurant or food service concept and offering your services to the general public to win their business. It's a large part of what builds up a restaurant brand


Food And Beverage Photography

Each restaurant client gets a FREE food and beverage photo session every month for one hour. For an additional fee, we can bring in our team which includes lighting, props, and video for half-day or all-day shoots.


Graphic Design, Social Media Content Creation, Posting, and Social Media Page Design/Redesign

We create all your social media posts from photos or videos that we take or that are sent to us. We then create scroll-stopping professional posts that are of the correct sizes for different social platforms and we post at least 5 days a week. No more looking unprofessional. Our content creation can change a restaurant's image overnight.



Whether you’re a brewery, cocktail bar, or burger joint, having a fresh and responsive design allows your customers to see you online before they buy a drink or a meal. First impressions are everything. Is your website ready for them to fall in love with your brand?


Bar Spotting, Security Camera Sales, Covert Restaurant Assessing

You can't be everywhere all the time!

Our assessments can start from the moment we arrive. We note your valets, door people, bartenders, food servers, and managers, or we can just watch the bartenders. Having consistent assessments can save a restaurant's reputation and bottom line. With over 30 years of experience, our team of professionals including Private Investigators know the restaurant/bar and nightclub industries well. We can also testify in court if needed.  We also sell and install video surveillance systems.


Satisfaction Guarantee

No Contracts, Low Monthly Fees

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